Our Story

Our concept through to the consumer strategy will guide your product from A to Z

FDM was established in 2002 with the goal to provide sales and marketing management services to Consumer & Rx Product companies, retail marketing & services suppliers, consumer and business-to-business trade publications, mass media organizations and other firms looking to increase business with Food/Drug/Mass Market & Specialty Retailers in North America.

FDM provides a variety of services and support processes necessary to do business in today’s fast-paced and demanding retail and consumer product driven world. FDM’s “Concept through to the Consumer” approach allows us to enter the product cycle whether your company is a startup, early stage, mid-market, or mature. We help you maximize your most valuable resources, both time and money.

FDM helps companies avoid potential issues and pitfalls by working with management to develop and build upon their business plan and product positioning. We show them how to develop a go-to-market strategy that puts them far further ahead than if they could if they worked on it internally.

FDM specializes in the development of go-to-market business strategies for each component of the sales, marketing and manufacturing process for suppliers to the Food, Drug and Mass Market Industry, including:

Brand and Product Positioning
Trade Development
Trade Sales
Public Relations
Broker Management
Salesforce Management
Consumer and Trade Marketing
Trade Promotions
Business Forecasting and Planning
In-store Marketing Management
Warehousing, Logistics and Fulfillment

Past Projects

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