Krups Kitchen Appliances

Our Goal

Create interest in new and exciting products by showcasing just what they are capable of

Proof is in the Pudding

We know that seeing is believing. So we set out to prove just how good Krups products really are by putting them to good use. Setting up shop on the busy streets of NYC, we provided potential customers with an example of just what they could accomplish if they too had Krups products in their kitchens. First, we handed out a professionally crafted gourmet treat that was made specifically with Krups new air fryers. Along with these, we provided specialized recipe cards for customers to remake the treat at home (once they’ve purchased their own Krups air fryers). Then to wash that down, customers also received expertly brewed coffee from Krups high-end coffee makers. This perfect combo gave customers a peek at what they were missing out on without Krups products.

The Result

Our “dinner and a show” enticed many potential customers and had them looking for more. While customers waited for their treats, our specialists educated them on the new products. Their presentation gave potential customers the crucial information they needed to lead them to purchase. Participants left with the knowledge of just what made Krups products so special.