Descendants 3 Release

Our Goal

Promote the release of an upcoming installment of a beloved series by providing a unique, fun, and shareable experience that builds a personal connection to the brand

Ways to be Wicked

By including a large variety of connection points, we were able to capture the attention of more potential viewers through their individual interests. There were ways for everyone to join in on the fun whether they enjoyed singing, make-overs, costumes, pictures, arts&crafts, sweets, or prizes. And when they left the event, participants were able to stay engaged through the accessories, crafts, pictures, and prizes they took with them.

The Result

We successfully built excitement for the upcoming movie by reinvigorating old fans and captivating new ones. Through all of our immersive activities, kids felt like they were a part of the action instead of experiencing it second-hand. This inclusive experience lead to a stronger personal connection to the brand. By collaborating with J-14, participants were also able to open themselves to new brand opportunities via their own magazine issues.